We are not trying to ring our own bells, but we do smile hugely when we get letters and emails like these which let us know we’ve done what we set out to do!

With pride we offer their thoughts.

Ms Val,
I have tried multiple times today to respond to this email, but Station 5 has been very busy – a great thing! I’ve enjoyed the ride-outs very much.
So very nice to have met you!  Thank you for opening up my horizons to what could very possibly affect my career long-term. Thank you for showing me that I can do it. Thank you for caring enough to allow others to care. Thank you for helping me appreciate the human body and the gloriousness that exists therein. I thank you for all these things and much more. I will keep your contact information close. If and when I make that journey, I want you to be a part of it. Blessings – in amounts that cause your cup to runneth over.
Gratefully yours,
Jo  (Janet Onim)  16 January 2012

Last year you taught me CPR instructor training at the Dallas chapter.  I’m not sure if you remember me, but I still consider the training you gave me to be the finest learning course I’ve ever attended [including High School & College].
Chris D’Amura,  15 February 2010

When I was told I would be attending your class my first thought was, well not the best of reactions. The thought of reliving some of the things I have experienced, if only mentally, wasn’t at the top of my list.
After attending your class and a little self examination I have found myself to be truly interested in becoming more involved in whatyou do. I am the first to say I would run the other way but always the first to stop and get in the middle of the mess. Or as you would say “get busy”. The tools you have refreshed and added upon have changed my overall “fears”. That constant question of could I really make a difference? My daughter Peyton coughs and I do not panic I just listen. This alone is for me, a gift. I am the type of individual that truly needs to be needed, to belong to a team that is in some way hinged at the hip with a greater purpose. These are attributes of my character, not just a longing to be in the service again.
I have been lost searching for a “home” a greater purpose sense the day I got out of the Army. I want to help others and you have turned me in what I believe to be the right direction. I am able to understand that dying overseas in a war over who knows what is not the way I want my story told. I would have never in a million years thought that I would have left your class with any lasting thoughts or impact on my future. That is just what has happened and I am absolutely ecstatic that it turned out that way.
We all hope to leave a legacy of some sort, I only hope that I am able to one day make the impact on people’s lives the way you do.
Your professionalism and vibrant personality are truly life changing to anyone you meet. The paths you cross in your travels are forever marked with the love of a true American Hero.
Thank you, for your time and your gift of enabling me to also make a difference however small it may be.  Best wishes;
Phillip D. Goines, 12/04/09

“Val’s background and experience enables her to tailor the explanation of injuries and treatment according to the class interests and background. She challenges the learners to think out of the box during scenarios as they attempt to provide appropriate treatment. Her encouragement to learn the material contains simple yet effective motivation also based on experiences. After the training Val manages to stay in touch with the learners to seek feedback on training effectiveness.

Tom in Moulage

Tom in moulage

I’ve come to know Val both as a learner in several contexts and as a co-worker and co-instructor. Anytime I have a question or need she is one person I can count on to provide suggestions or just an idea. Teaching with her is a joy because, though the first impression can be a little intimidating, she allows me the freedom to use my own style and understanding without interrupting the class flow to interject her own teaching preferences or learning styles. That enables me to relate to the class on my terms.” Tom Lee

Val Roach offers unforgettable comprehensive instruction that you will not find elsewhere. She delivers expert knowledge with passion and creativity, and a contagious electric spirit. Whether you are taking your first Red Cross course, or certifying professional fire/EMS, choosing Val’s AAERT is the first step in a sure, solid education.” HRC

“Val is an excellent instructor with a passion for what she believes in. She is knowledgeable and experienced in what she teaches. Professional in every way!”
Teresa Filkins

“Val is an explosive bundle of energy who shows an honest enthusiasm for her course material and her students. Her methodology spans many disciplines, and she easily reaches and connects with each person at their own skill level. As she elevates that skill level, she enhances both the person AND the likelihood that that person, at some point, will be able to make a more meaningful contribution to society-at-large.”  Mike Brickey

“Val certified me as a Red Cross Instructor, and I have seen her teach numerous times. Under no uncertain circumstances, she is the most energetic person I have ever met. A wonderfully nice lady, she is the epitome of the Emergency Response Professional and seems to live for helping others. Her passion for empowering the community to save lives is magnetic – even more so than her personality. When she teaches instructor training courses, she sprinkles her logically flowing curriculum with real-life emergency experiences she has had. She holds her students responsible for learning the materials thoroughly, and provides more than ample interactive emergency situations. I hold her in high regard and would not hesitate to recommend her services to any individual or company looking for an emergency preparedness instructor that’s uber-entertaining and informative.”  Kim Kozak

“I have been a student of Val’s in several classes. She is a patient and gifted teacher. Her training is very valuable because she teaches you the “why” as well as the “how”.”              Kathy Sargent 11/23/08

“My experience with Val began when I was her student for Instructor Training and, more recently, as I was a student for Emergency Responder certification and a co-Instructor for Wilderness First Aid.
Val has a passion for always learning more, and better, information that she then uses to help others. She puts these lessons to practical use in a vast array of situations. Among her many other roles she is a medical care volunteer and professional, and a local, regional and national community emergency volunteer. She then shares her wealth of knowledge and experience to help her students to be well prepared and eager to use their skills.
Val treats everyone she meets with respect and her attitude easily allows them to realize that she genuinely cares. It’s obvious from her contagious enthusiasm that she enjoys the processes of learning and teaching. It’s obvious from the regard and performance of her students that she is very good at both.”  Jeff Palmer

To anyone who ever wants to know:
I want to begin by thanking Val for weaseling me into something I would otherwise have weaseled out of. She knows me.This past  ER class at DFW has been a watershed event for me. I learned SO much. I experienced emergency scenarios that challenged my expectations. I grew my EMS skills and knowledge base by chapters. I made great professional contacts. I met my active Medical Director, Dr. Yamada, shook his hand, and informed him of my career aspirations. I got to know some of the best instructors in the industry.  And, I wasn’t even a student.  Note: Heather is an EMT-B who attended this class to photo & video, as well as to help coach skills and be a ‘victim’, not as a student.  When I offered to attend this class as a coach and “victim”, I knew I’d get to work with two very experienced, very dedicated and passionate, and fully inspiring souls. But, I didn’t know beforehand how much the week’s magical experience would touch my life. These are not just instructors. Tom Lee and Val Roach are empowering. They are filled with spirit, vast experience, and EMS information that is not only revealing, it is ready to bear fruit!   I watched their students do in one week even more than I did as a pupil in Val’s ER class (2 years ago): they stood taller, soaked up knowledge, reached higher and embraced EMS. They ate it up! They actually understand the big picture and how to apply it in their lives.   These students will never forget what they learned here. They will hear it in their heads as the adrenaline flows on scene. They will feel a deep-rooted tug in the seat of their conscience that lets them know “It’s going to be OK. You’ve GOT this.” It’s not just learning. It’s not just training. It’s understanding. That is what Val’s class did for me personally, and that is what I witness over and over in her classes: real experiental understanding.
Two years ago, I didn’t know more than band-aids and ointment when I came upon Val. Now, I can keep people alive in the most desperate situations. I have the skills and the knowledge to address hundreds of medical situations. And, what is most valuable: I know I can do it. My training was solid as a rock.  [Also, teaching this class with Val was]
Co-Instructor Tom Lee.  Full of experience, patience and grace as he is, he teaches students the same way. He loves this material and it shows. His enthusiasm makes me want to love EMS. His deep understanding of the factual details, current and up-to-date, gave me confidence. I responded to his genuine care for each student and the accurate delivery of the EMS material. I feel like the book was handed to me in good, bite-sized chunks that I could feed on.
This class has solidified everything and put my career aspirations into perspective. Apparently, our scenarios, skills practice and fun overflowed into the hallway a little. One of the DFW firefighters has forwarded my resume on to his recruiter and his human resources director in hopes that I can jump on the team. He stated simply that my “love and passion for EMS was so evident, he had to have me on the team”. I’ll take that compliment.  And I’ll pass it to the party who is responsible for it.                                      Val, your light shines right through me. I love this stuff!  Heather Renders 12/08


“Oh, I stopped at an accident last Friday because it looked bad.  Driver in a badly crunched (front & back) [car] was reclined back in an obviously broken front seat (no air bags) – no respiration nor circulation.  Two of us started CPR in place – 12 minutes later he’s coming ’round.  B/P-A 94/70, pulse weak and slow.  Knew his name, age but not birthday or date.  Took FD and ambulance almost 20 minutes to arrive. [Out in the tulies!]  They put a C-collar on him … on a board and prepared to ship….Oh, can I get a new mask from you? One I have is now used.” TL   NOTE:This event happened about 2 weeks after student graduated from an AAERT Emergency Response class.  Tom Lee

“THANKS FOR ALL THE TRAINING VAL, IT JUST PAID OFF IN A BIG WAY FOR A LITTLE PERSON!” “I just had a toddler in our office that was given a life saver candy by her mother and she started to choke on it and mom freaked out…I instinctively grabbed the toddler and popped the candy out with the Heimlich…I didn’t even have to think, it just came to me and I acted! Without me ER class, I would have been just as panicked as the mother. The little one is fine and asked for some water after the incident. I am feeling a little shook up but I know I just made a difference and I have an awesome teacher that I can thank for that! LOVE and HUGS! Tiffany Russell

“OMG” – “Just a note to say that I had occasion to GET BUSY & BE AWESOME on Sunday when my wife and I came upon a 1-car rollover out in rural Montague county. There was an off-duty paramedic onsite, but he didn’t have his “go-bag”, so I took the lead and cared for the 16-year old victim while he [paramedic] climbed back up to the roadway to wait for the rig…C-collard him, bandaged a minor-but-bleedy head wound, cleaned him up some, and had him ready to go by thew time the big boys showed up…My wife was amazed at how the man-on-a-mission persona took over and I must say that I was a little surprised wit the ease and natural fluidity with which the training moved through me, in spite of the adrenaline (or maybe because of it), which of course, is a testament to your skills as an educator. So, Thank You Very Much!!, and my first patient thanks you as well….” Mike Brickey 08-2007

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