Course Summaries:

1. Emergency Medical Response (EMR/ECA) Course (59-68 hours)

The intent of AAERT training is to prepare an Emergency Medical Responder to act as a crucial link in the Emergency Medical System (EMS) by providing the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary to work as an EMR to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until more advanced medical help arrives and, to assist in further care of the patient as necessary as a part of the team.  AAERT instructors are State of TX Licensed EMS Instructors. We provide current protocols in all classes we teach!

2. CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Health Care Provider  (2-3 hours)

This course focuses on elevating the skills and knowledge (including oxygen administration) of Professional Rescuers and Healthcare Professionals so that they may be prepared for the many challenges they may face when responding to an emergency.  This course is for people with responsibilities for delivering emergency care and/or ensuring public safety.

3. Special Event Medical Services

This course is designed to teach the basic principles of how to preplan for providing emergency medical services at a special event.  The duration depends upon the modules: Mass-Casualty Incidents, Equestrian & Rodeo, Extreme & Combat Sports, Weather & Outdoor Events, Stadium & Mega-Events.  This course is ideal for Coaches and Team Leaders, Loss Prevention Teams, Safety Officers, and Event Planners.

4. CPR/AED/FA Adult (4-5 hours)

CPR is the foundation of the public’s opportunity to make a difference!  Whether for a workplace or a community environment, CPR/AED and First Aid classes can be designed to meet expressed needs. Typical course components are:  Adult/Child CPR/AED, BloodBorne Pathogens, Breathing Emergencies, Sudden Illnesses, First Aid.  A separate segment for Child & Infant CPR can be added on to a community class.  This segment is very important for new mom’s and dad’s and the extended family, as well as childcare providers and teachers.

5. Wilderness and Remote First Aid

This course has been designed to facilitate learning and understanding of the knowledge and skills required to effectively respond to emergency situations in a remote environment, where EMS response is 20 or minutes away.  This course will help prepare you to make appropriate decisions regarding care and to act on those decisions. The best instructor is Mr. Tom Lee. Contact us for his information!

6. Sports .Training (4-5 hours)

Sports Safety Training course is designed to teach skills for the protection and care of athletes and all those who participate in such environments. Whether the coaches are for youngsters or older athletes or grown-ups playing Saturday flag football, they will benefit!

7. Components can be added to make any class meet your needs.

Discover how components can be combined to design a class to perfectly match your requirements.   If you don’t see it, ASK!  We can design it to meet your needs.

AAERT accommodates Reviews and Challenges for Re-certification for most courses.

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