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All About Emergency Response Training (AAERT)

I believe in empowering others to be independent in all ways possible for them. When I reach out to another to educate, it’s not because they’re missing knowledge, it’s because the knowledge I have to share will add dimension and skill to the gifts they already have.   When I teach I am also a sponge, learning from the exchange of life experiences.
Knowledge is a river that flows any way necessary to keep moving. I am a conduit.
It is my drive to keep that river moving well, meandering so all who wish to gain and contribute have a chance to do so. Once it is begun, I am not the one to stop it. 

In love and light, Val.     

Our Instructors:

You have to hold it here

Val Roach is the owner and primary instructor.  She is an EMT,  State Certified EMS/Fire Instructor, Nationally Authorized American Red Cross, (ECSI) Emergency Care & Safety Institute  Instructor, and American Heart Instructor.  Teaching is her passion. Val’s dynamic teaching style has inspired and motivated hundreds of learners nationally. She is a volunteer Medic with Texas Special Olympics.


Tom Lee

You have to hold C-Spine this way!

Tom  Lee’s gift is the outdoors. He is a man with an incredible patience and unbound Faith.  His coaching is gentle, on-the-spot empowerment. Tom serves as a Medic at horse trials, Race Track, and is both Medic and Trainer for the Boy Scouts. Tom totally changes hats when he teaches with AAERT. He is an NREMT and State Certified EMS/Fire Instructor, Tom knows what students are going through.


Jeff Palmer

Got caught for practice!

Jeff Palmer is another outdoor fanatic. He also teaches Wilderness & Remote First Aid and CPR/AED and Professional Rescuer.  His sense of humour is what his students like about him because he offers his course material with the light already at the end of the tunnel.  Also a NREMT, Jeff is very aware concerns of confidence the students are experiencing.  Jeff is a volunteer Medic with the Texas Special Olympics.



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